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Open Source Software has a special meaning for Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS). Allowing Open Source Software to become a common foundation for many technologies, WDAS has championed the use of and now contributes to such software. In short, we want to contribute back to the community; therefore, we have established this platform. We encourage you to investigate and use the technologies we are sharing. We also very much welcome your collaboration and contribution in these areas.

Please review our Open Source licensing policies here. And if you are interested in contributing to an open source initiative of Walt Disney Pictures, please complete and submit the Contributor License Agreement.

Ptex is a texture mapping system developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios for production-quality rendering. No UV assignment is required. Ptex applies a separate texture to each face of a subdivision or polygon mesh. The Ptex file format can efficiently store hundreds of thousands of texture images in a single file, and the Ptex API provides cached file I/O and high-quality filtering -- everything that is needed to easily add Ptex support to a production-quality renderer or texture authoring application.

BRDF Explorer is an application that allows the development and analysis of bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDFs). It can plot both analytic BRDF functions and measured material data. Graphs and visualizations update in realtime as parameters are changed, making it a useful tool for evaluating and understanding different BRDFs (and other component functions). BRDF Explorer is licensed under the MS-PL license.

SeExpr is a simple expression language that we use to provide artistic control and customization to our core software. We use it for procedural geometry synthesis, image synthesis, simulation control, and much more.

Reposado is a set of tools written in Python that replicate the key functionality of Mac OS X Server's Software Update Service. Reposado, together with the "curl" binary tool and a web server such as Apache 2, enables you to host a local Apple Software Update Server on any hardware and OS of your choice. Reposado is licensed under the new BSD license.

Partio is an open source C++ library for reading, writing and manipulating a variety of standard particle formats (GEO,BGEO,PTC,PDB,PDA). It also has a python API and a collection of simple command-line tools. Licensed under the BSD license.

munki is a set of tools that, used together with a webserver-based repository of packages and package metadata, can be used by Mac OS X administrators to manage software installs (and in many cases removals) on Mac OS X client machines. munki is currently in use at organizations all over the world, managing software for tens of thousands of Macs. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Dynamica is a plug-in for Maya that provides an interface to the Bullet rigid body engine. Bullet was originally created to simulate many rigid bodies quickly in a game context, but this plug-in helps extend its usefulness to film production. The Walt Disney Animation Studios used this plug-in to model the thousands of packing peanuts seen in BOLT.