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Meet Alaia

Production Coordinator
How did you get started at Disney Animation?

I initially worked at the Disneyland Resort in Hollywood Land attractions at Disney California Adventure park. I first started out as an Attraction Hostess and eventually became an artist/trainer at Animation Academy. I was lucky enough to meet a Disney Animation recruiter at a convention. From there, I interviewed until I landed a PA position on Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Do you have any career advice?

Patience and being creative. Getting into the Studio didn't come easy for me. It was more of a marathon than a sprint. But I knew I wanted to work at Disney Animation, so I tried to develop my skills while waiting for that big break.

What's the most surprising part of working from home?

Productivity. I thought for sure it would be hard to continue to work based on my department. There's so much to be done, and I thankfully have the tools to continue with few problems.

What do you like about working at Disney Animation?

I like seeing the process of how movies are created, along with other projects. Before I came to the Studio, it was a complete mystery.


What was your favorite Disney movie growing up?


It’s between Fantasia and Aladdin. I’m leaning towards Fantasia. It’s the perfect combination of music and art. 

What's your favorite Bagel from Bagel Friday?

My "Spicy Vegan Delight!" I'm all for a plain bagel, with vegan butter and sliced avocado on top. To add some spice, I drizzle a homemade vegan chipotle mayo sauce on top. Delicious! I bring those ingredients from home, haha.

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