Our People

Meet Allen

Story Artist
How did you get started at Disney Animation?

After a few internships at other animation studios during college, I got my start at Disney Animation through the Apprentice Program in the Animation department. During the first week or two, the studio celebrated a huge wrap party for Big Hero 6, which was a crazy way to start my time at the Studio! After a period of training, my first project at Disney was animating on Zootopia.

What do you look for in a portfolio?

 Whether it be a portfolio for storyboarding or an animation demo reel, I like seeing characters with unique and specific personalities and behaviors. I like clearly understanding what the characters are thinking and feeling and why. 

What do you like about working at Disney Animation?

My favorite thing about working at Disney Animation is being able to learn from the many inspiring artists that work here. I like having access to training resources such as the lunch time figure drawing classes. 

What was your favorite Disney movie growing up?

My favorite Disney movies growing up were Tarzan, Emperor's New Groove, and Lilo and Stitch

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