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Meet Matt

What do you look for in a portfolio?

Quite the general all-encompassing query, but if we’re talking universal truths that cross a multitude of disciplines:

  • Appeal - your aesthetic sense should be pleasing to the eye and set your character/shot up for a maximum of expression and emotion
  • Storytelling - you should tell a story in everything you do whether it’s boarding a sequence, creating character moments, or even using composition, content, and color to harmoniously communicate a mood in your work
  • Versatility - granted, most of us are specialists in something or another, but nothing gets creative leadership excited like showing you have range within your discipline of choice and can tackle whatever might be thrown at you!
  • Entertainment Value - this is probably the most overlooked aspect in most submissions. The work in your portfolio should be inspiring, engaging, and fun! Be original and bold and try to take your work to places that no one has ever ventured or explored and enjoy the ride! If you love what you do, no doubt the passion will shine through in your work!
What’s the most surprising part of working from home?

That my couch is surprisingly ergonomic.

What Disney character do you connect with most?

I’d say I’m a combination of Nick Wilde and Dr. Facilier, but the last “What Disney character are you?” quiz I took told me I’m Hades. So I guess the algorithm saw my penchant for smart-aleckry and chaotic mischief and just smooshed them together. ;)

Where’s your Hometown?

I grew up in a military family so kinda the world? I was born in San Francisco (in the building that is actually now Lucasfilm HQ no less) but I consider myself a San Diego lad since that’s where my family settled and lived the longest.

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