Filmmaking Process

Collaboration & Rendering Technologies

Shot Production

As shots come to fruition, Technology teams ensure that artists are able to assess each other's work at the highest quality by setting up custom physical screening rooms and digital review software. Playing sequences with accurate framerates and true depictions of color allows artists to refine the final look and feel of each shot to the highest standards.

Managing Data Flow

High quality production shots involve large amounts of complex interrelated data, which requires data storage and software tooling to deliver the performance, ease of use, and reliability that our artists need.

Rendering the Product

Artists can see their changes visually in real time thanks to our interactive visualization software which allows them to be confident that the final images match their creative intent. Once a shot is fully lit using our lighting software tools, artists can use our render farm to calculate the final images using our renderer, Hyperion, which is highly tailored to our way of working. Artists can then track their render jobs using Coda.

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