Filmmaking Process

Creative Development


The Creative Development team supports the filmmakers as they develop their ideas into feature films, series, shorts. Creative Executives foster a creative, supportive and structured environment to help filmmakers develop their visions into innovative, classic and entertaining stories. This is achieved in a variety of ways, including conducting research, building teams, and providing feedback.


Research is a key part of Disney Animation’s development process. We dive deep into culture, history, science, art and more, learning through experts and embarking on immersive experiences to inform and inspire our projects and filmmakers to create believable worlds and appealing characters.

Building Teams

As projects begin to take shape, the team starts to grow. Screenwriters are partnered with directors as they build their stories. Storyboard artists and visual development artists explore character, tone, design and emotion. The collaboration of the whole team creates compelling and meaningful stories.

Frozen 2 Research Trip

Providing Feedback

The creative process at Disney Animation is highly iterative and collaborative. We rely on each other to provide constructive feedback every step of the way. In addition to our internal employees and groups, we partner with community organizations and cultural consultants, and seek out diverse and inclusive voices throughout the process.

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