Filmmaking Process

Pre-Production Technologies


Technology is ever-present in our filmmaking pipeline, including in very early development phases. Technologists create tools which our artists use to convey their ideas, like StoryPad and other story art tools, including use of experimental realtime technologies. While we partner with external vendors and our sister studios to find solutions that help artists build worlds and tell stories, we often build or customize products in-house in order to best serve our unique needs.

Designing Solutions

All of our tools, like those made for advanced resource planning using machine learning, are developed alongside artists or with other cast members in mind. Product and user experience design is carefully considered throughout the creation process. Engineers work in custom development environments and to a high quality standard, with project managers who help them deliver new capabilities on time.

Building Support Systems

Our software is supported by a high-performance compute infrastructure, ensuring that artists have functional content creation tools and the resources they need to bring our complex worlds to life. Underlying this is custom tooling for deploying software, and powerful digital asset services that enable artists to collaborate together using complex pipelines.

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