Filmmaking Process



Story Artists work closely with our Writers and Editors to start visualizing the narrative to bring the Director’s vision to life. The storyboarding process was developed at Walt Disney Studios in the 1930s and the art form continues in our studio today.

Story Artists are not only thinking of the narrative, character and world but they are also thinking about emotion, expression, timing, staging, and framing in alignment with the overall direction of the film.

Story Artist work from rough to fine, creating clear drawings.

Storyboarding is at the foundation of every Walt Disney Animation Studios film. Our Story Artists work digitally and/or on paper, and our Technology teams collaborate closely with them to create tools to drive creativity.


To empower our artists to do their best work with flexible workflows, we created StoryPad, an app designed for the iPad, that allows our Story Artists to visually craft stories together. StoryPad uses our Academy Award®-winning vector drawing technology, Meander, combined with a multi-sketch, multi-layer tool designed specifically to meet our artists' needs.

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