Filmmaking Process

Technical Direction

Asset Creation
Shot Production

Technical Directors (TDs) are key to enabling the artistic vision of the show at scale. The TDs develop and support the production pipeline. As liaisons between artistic and technology departments, the TDs create tools and processes that enable artists to interface with proprietary and industry applications effectively to deliver their vision to other departments. Each film has its own artistic and technical challenges, so TD work commonly involves creating inventive solutions to problems in production.

The visual art direction for WISH called for a highly stylized look, which included linework and watercolor effects like edge pooling. The Lighting department found a way to achieve the desired look in composite, but it was difficult for other departments to visualize the stylization from traditional renders. To help all departments visualize the final stylized look, the TDs worked in conjunction with the artistic departments to create a new system to automatically apply stylization to every render. Below is a comparison of the traditional CG render, and then the show's style applied. The ability to review their work with stylization enabled a lot of departments to make consistent artistic choices with confidence.


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