Filmmaking Process

Tools & Support

Asset Creation

We aim to evolve how we organize the structural components of our digital content creation tools, including management of asset development data. That evolution directly impacts how artists author assets and characters, including tools for Modeling, Animation and other parts of the pipeline. Technologists aim to enhance the art of animation with intuitive updates, constantly expanding the capabilities of our toolsets.

Experimenting with New Solutions

The characters and environments in our films are complex, and we have unique systems to bring each to life. Technology teams develop solutions to new challenges alongside artists; from tools like Tonic, which artists use to craft characters' stylized hairstyles, to Disney's XGen which is used to generate and place the individual strands of hair and fur as well as the stitching and embroidery on the characters' clothing. Other tools come out of R&D efforts, such as PhysGrid, which is used to simulate muscle and soft tissues and can produce effects like jiggle as the characters move.

Providing Great Support

Supporting our creative work requires a complex set of hardware systems, which our Technology team assembles, integrates and deploys in-house. Artists across the Studio have a talented internal support team ready to assist and troubleshoot any technical problem that may arise.

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