Filmmaking Process

Visual Development


Characters, worlds, and stories come to life at the hands of our character and production design teams during visual development. Here we explore and establish the look of the film, using story and what we’ve learned in research as our guide.

Visual Development Artists enhance the story’s themes by crafting characters and worlds using a strong sense of appeal, color, design, and composition. Our artists have the versatility to conceptualize visually in a variety of techniques and styles– like paint and ink, clay models– or even candy!

Making Moments

In addition to artwork that helps define the look of the characters and worlds, visual development has the unique ability to capture the emotion of the film in a single moment.

Creating Compelling Characters

What does a character look like? What do they wear? Where do they live? These elements help inform and emphasize the themes of the story, and visual development are the first step in bringing these ideas to life.

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